Q2698 & Windows CE6

I’m attempting to use a Q2698 with Windows CE6. Unfortunately the driver isn’t recognising the modem. I’ve swapped it with a Q2686, which is picked up correctly.

I’m a CE novice - normality use linux for this type of thing … Any pointers please?


There are dedicated driver for Q2698, which is different from Q2686.

Please check with your distributor and FAE to get associated driver.


The driver isn’t available from the sierra wireless web site? (I can’t find it…)

It is available in protected site, please contact your FAE/Distributor to gain you access.



Lotam has tested a Q2698 against his CE system and it seems to work hence his response. He was using the driver for the SL808x and MC879x when using the DirectIP PID of the unit. At present Sierra’s position is that while these drivers currently seem to be functional with the Q2698 (as this also supports the DirectIP PID of 68A3) and there does not seem to be any obvious reason right now why there might be a problem, they do not officially work with/support this unit.

The CE drivers are available from a sharepoint which is accessible when NDA’s + other agreements have been signed (you will then receive login details). This is because for the CE drivers we need to maintain control with agreements being signed, this is an MS requirement. Linkwave, who I believe is your distributor, is able to sort this out for you.