EM9190 drivers dont work on Win 10

Hi Guys,

Brought this EM9190 Development Kit. I connected the USB-C interface to my Win 10 Pro laptop and it doesnt work. See attached, windows say drivers not uptodate. I installed the drivers (Build 5087) from the below link.

Any ideas? Also is there a way to get this to work on MAC?

Hi @

This driver is for EM7xxx/MC7xxx series.

Currently, the EM9190 driver has not been published on source.sierrawireless.com.
AirPrime / EM Series

Please refer to EM9190 not being detected in Windows 10 - #16 by pizzi

Thanks,Donald. What method do you then recommend to orchestrate the EM9190, run some AT Commands and so on?


Also please note that I have the entire development kit, not just the EM9190

Hi @alexpoth

Please use Sierra Wireless Snapdragon™ LTE-A WWAN Modem port in Device Manager for AT commands.

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