EM9190 drivers dont work on Win 10

Hi Guys,

Brought this EM9190 Development Kit. I connected the USB-C interface to my Win 10 Pro laptop and it doesnt work. See attached, windows say drivers not uptodate. I installed the drivers (Build 5087) from the below link.

Any ideas? Also is there a way to get this to work on MAC?

Hi @

This driver is for EM7xxx/MC7xxx series.

Currently, the EM9190 driver has not been published on source.sierrawireless.com.
AirPrime / EM Series

Please refer to EM9190 not being detected in Windows 10 - #16 by pizzi

Thanks,Donald. What method do you then recommend to orchestrate the EM9190, run some AT Commands and so on?


Also please note that I have the entire development kit, not just the EM9190

Hi @alexpoth

Please use Sierra Wireless Snapdragon™ LTE-A WWAN Modem port in Device Manager for AT commands.

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Hello, I got the Win10 driver for EM9191 and 4G communications works, but 5G does not respond. Any suggestion what to do diffrently in 5G communication or does 5G require some additional configuration?