EM9191 not supported on Windows 10

My company recently purchased several EM9191 dev kits to use for a potential project. I have to say how overwhelmingly disappointed I am in the dev. kit and company support.

1 - The EM9191 meets a specific need in the market for us (sub-6GHz) and supports 5G NR. That’s a big positive

2 - The drivers from the Sierra Wireless website do not currently support Windows 10 and the EM91xx boards. There is no timetable on when this will be fixed. And that’s per the Sierra Wireless sales rep.

3 - Selling a product that basically does not work as intended, or even marginally intended, is a very poor way to treat your professional customers.

4 - In addition, the technical support for this product is sorely lacking. I was pointed to this forum to get support. What does that say about your technical support?

I mention this to the group to make people aware and to avoid the purchase of this product.

I really hope that Sierra Wireless fixes some of these issues in the near future as you have the potential to have a winner here. But, not right now.

-brad w.

Hi @bwalker,

Until now, we still don’t have firmware, driver, Linux design, etc about EM9x device at source page of Sierra Wireless

However, I found that EM9190 device is existed in Verizon carrier


it means that we will get all above things shortly. Then, we can share our experience, issues, concerns and help each other.

Have you tried to contact your distributor who provide you the EM919 device for these issue? I think that is your best channel now.