EM9190 driver dont work on Win 10

Hi Guys,

Brought this EM9190 Development Kit. I connected the USB-C interface to my Win 10 Pro laptop and it doesnt work. See attached, windows say drivers not uptodate. I installed the drivers (Build 5087) from the below link.

Any ideas? Also is there a way to get this to work on MAC?

Hi @alexpoth

You have created a duplicate ticket.


Not sure how you got hold of the unit but the drivers that are currently on the source are not built for the EM9 at the moment. While the unit is available for customers (if you can get hold of one given the demand is really high) we are still controlling the firmware and drivers that are available through our commercial partners (or direct if you are a direct customer). As a result of this you will need to go back through whoever you bought it from to request these, you will also probably need to get a firmware update as I suspect the unit has old firmware on it and depending on how old the firmware is will depend on the files you need to update it (file system changes have occurred during the development cycle meaning you need to use specific files) hence the control is still required.

We will be posting firmware and drivers in the near term but that is probably going to be Feb at a guess.



Thanks @mlw . We got it via M2M Connectivity and have reached out to them about it.