GL6110 not showing as modem in win7 device manager

my GL6110 does not appear as a modem in the windows 7 device manager, instead it is listed as “sierra wireless COM device” under the COM & LPT connections. i understand it has to be detected as a modem in order to use it for a dial-up connection. how can i fix this?


The behavior is affected by Module configuration and USB driver.

AT command “+WUSB” was introduced in FW R7.45 onwards, such that we can modify the idProduct of module’s USB so that driver can enumerate it as either serial port or modem.

For example, to configure it as USB modem:
AT+WUSB=2,0,“1234”,“USB MODEM”

Please refer to section 8.14.3 of AT command guide for info.

If that doesn’t help, please try to upgrade to latest driver.


thanks for your help!
i checked the settings by sending an AT+WUSB? command and it shows me that the device is already configured as “USB MODEM”, but still it’s not listed under “modems” in the win 7 device manager. i’m puzzled. do you have any other idea what the issue could be?
i already have the latest driver installed.

or as an alternative, is there a possibility to do a factory reset of the modem?

Also finding that my WMP100 Dev Kit USB is not recognised by Win7, so I tried this:

It didn’t work:


Then it asks to create a Restore Point; after that it continues, and gives more errors

continued - more errors:

It then claims that the Installation completed:

But it lied:

And clicking the SiWi ‘USB Driver configuration’ icon on the Desktop confirms it: