What is going on?

Hello Wavecom!

Where are my posts from yesterday and today???

I spent a lot of time writing them, WHY have they been deleted???

Do you still have a backup? I will not post again until this issue is resolved!

Best Regards,

Had similar problem - seems like they gets restored as we write…

Hi Jan

Sorry about my last remark - thought they had everything up and running again - but I just lost my post from this morning :confused:


I noticed that the forum was dead for a while yesterday.

Now it’s back, but I still keep getting this error when posting:

Just noticed (some of) my posts from yesterday have disappeared, too:

eg, wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … =3314#3314

And that post caused the error, too:

Dear Forum Members,

We regret to inform you that due to a server problem on 12 December, Wavecom had to reset the Forum using a backup from the previous day. Posts that were made on the Forum shortly before the reset are lost and we will not be able to recover them.

We apologize for this unexpected problem which should not occur again.

Best Regards,
The Moderator

Why has it taken so long for this explanation to appear? It’s been two weeks now! :open_mouth:

This doesn’t speak well of Wavecom’s commitment to either this forum or its customers, does it? :angry:

And the error is still not fixed!

I still get:


Dear Awneil,

We profusely aplogize for the delay in explanation for deleted postings.
We would make sure that in future, this kind of problem never appears.

In the very rare case of this problem reoccuring, we would inform you as soon as possible.

Regarding the error received while sending message and posting (Failed sending email :: PHP), we are looking into the issue and would fix this problem once we find the cause of the problem.

Best Regards,
The Moderator.

Dear Forum Members,

The error (Failed sending email :: PHP) received while sending a post/private message has been fixed. If anyone still experiences this problem, please let us know. It would be good if the steps to reproduce the problem is also explained.

Hope you have a great time at Open AT Forum.

Best Regards,
The Moderator.

Good - let’s see if it works…

There didn’t seem to be anything specific that I did to cause it - some posts just worked, others got the error.

I suspect that it depended on whether anyone else had checked the option ‘Notify me when a reply is posted’ in the thread…

Yes - it worked! :smiley:

Not only that, now I get “Topic Reply Notification” by e-mail again!!

Thank you!