Subscriptions not working


I am no longer recieving email alerts when there are new posts in subscribed threads.


Is anybody else having this problem?

Notifications were working fine for me when this was still the Wavecom forum. Since it became the Sierra Wireless forum, I have not received any notifications. It is possible, that the new notifications are being caught by our company spam filter. If this is the case, could somebody please post an example of one of the notifications [including source email address], so that I can tell our IT department what to look for?


Am I alone in here with the tumble weed? It’s been almost 6 weeks since I first posted, and still no response.


I never had email alerts for forum posts before - so I’d not noticed any difference there1

But I did used to get notifications when Private messages arrived - and that doesn’t happen any more.


You are not alone. I was getting email notifications but not anymore.

It must be fixed


There is another announcement from the moderator and it seems that they are facing some major problems.