Dont get email notifications?


I do not get email notifications of new posts on the forum?
does this happen to anybody else?
and I receive alot of PHP error messages
Best regards


Yes! Same thing here… I don’t get notifications, so I thought I must have turned them off… But actually, I didn’t.

Also, (I guess) I get the same errors a lot of times when posting…



Just got it again:

Failed sending email :: PHP :: 


Line : 234
File : emailer.php

Hi Jan
Thank you for the confirmation
I thought my PC was brokken
I think wavecom must switch to Yabb Forum (It is also open source but more stable and secure than phpBB)
Here is some info on Yabb Forums and free download



please see the following: … php?t=1657




I am also not getting he email notification and the main thing is that I have also updated the module of the email portal as well but still I ma getting outlook 0x8004010f and it has to be fixed.