New category desired: Forum Maintanance Announcements


Dear Wavecom,

Since posts of several people were lost and I believe even a user altogether, I suggest a category “Forum Maintanance Announcements”. Please let us know if you make modifications to the forum beforehand, so that we are warned and keep copies just in case… Since you obviously can’t make changes without sacrificing some posts…

Best Regards,


Dear Jan,

We regret to inform you that due to a server problem on 12 December, Wavecom had to reset the Forum using a backup from the previous day. Posts that were made on the Forum shortly before the reset are lost and we will not be able to recover them.

We apologize for this unexpected problem which should not occur again.

Best Regards,
The Moderator


Thanks for the belated apology, but it doesn’t address Jan’s suggestion, does it?

Will you please notify future maintenance in advance?

And will you please ensure that future information on any mishaps is communicated in a more timely manner?

See also: … .php?t=952


Dear Awneil,

The problem occured due to a Server Problem and this is the reason why we could not intimate you beforehand. However, we would take your suggestion into account and would be more pro-active while sending informations in case of any mishap or maintanence acts.

Best Regards,
The Moderator.