Re: Forum revamping is scheduled to be shortly done

Please note that it’s not just the forum that needs “revamping” - the entire Developer site needs to be seriously redone if its object is really to assist the users :exclamation:

In particular:

  • A FAQ/Wiki Section - see … f=7&t=3766
  • Access to downloads & documentation needs to be greatly enhanced - including accessibility of all previous versions/releases
  • FTP (or similar) access to get complete “packs” - instead of having to manually download each thing individually
  • Very many (most?) of the Application Notes are grossly out of date!

Hi Awneil

Thanks for your valuable suggestions. We will take care of these points.


Thanks! :smiley:

Regarding forum sections, I’m not convinved that they really help at all - and they certainly cause some problems due to people posting to inappropriate sections, and people “spamming” multiple sections with identical questions.

I think it might be more useful to have just 1 section, but the facility (even, a requirement) to “tag” posts - so, for example, a post about WIP on a Fastrack would be “tagged” as both “WIP” and “Fastrack”

The tags would then be usable in searching, and in sorting listings…

What do others think :question:

For example, see:


eg, see: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=4326&p=17303#p17303

See: viewtopic.php?f=76&t=2169&p=7991&hilit=very+long+m2m#p7991

And: viewtopic.php?f=78&t=4329&p=17331#p17331

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse…
right now there are no previous releases available (that i could find)

Any timescale estimates for that…?

OK, very nearly a whole year on - how are we doing?

No progress.
In fact, we have moved somewhat backwards as what there was of a “FAQ” on the old Wavecom site is now gone. And many of the links in that FAQ/Wiki thread are now broken.
The thread is now:

Also moved backwards - I don’t think any previous versions are now available at all?

No progress.

It seems that most of the old app notes have just been deleted - rather than being updated?

Hi Awneil,

The link (“\AirPrime”) can be used for downloading the previous versions of SDK’s and documents.

And, for the FAQ’s we are in the process of creating sticky notes which we feel would help the forum users.



Is that published anywhere?

Is it available via FTP?

Good - that should be helpful.

But I would repeat what I said in the “FAQ forum/wiki?” thread:

The documentation (or, rather, lack thereof) for RTK errors is a case in point.

There is also still the issue of the missing posts / broken links: