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WAVECOM may close this service at anytime, without notice, and may not be held responsible in any way for any resulting damage or loss of support/business, for the community members and/or their respective companies.

The Wavecom Developers Forum does not replace any existing or future Support Service provided by WAVECOM. Any question(s) related to technical support must continue to be addressed to the existing and appropriate WAVECOM support channel that is in existence for direct and indirect customers of WAVECOM.

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Members who have attended an extensive certified Open AT® UNIVERSITY education course are classified as Open AT® CERTIFIED; they also have a specific avatar:

As such, this avatar is strictly reserved for Open AT® CERTIFIED members. For more details about Open AT® UNIVERSITY courses, please contact your appointed WAVECOM sales representative. If you are unsure who your WAVECOM representative is, you may find your closest WAVECOM representative by visiting

Any user found to be using unauthorised avatars may have their account deleted without notice.
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As with any online community, the Wavecom Developers Forum community members are obliged to follow some basic rules to facilitate the community spirit and networking.
These rules apply to any member, post, avatar or signature. The MODERATORS will ensure the respect of these basic rules. If needed, they may deny access to any member who violates the following rules:

1 - Posts are exclusively made in English.
2 - English means comprehensible English shall be used by every member. SMS style is therefore highly discouraged.
3 - In general, a post shall be easily readable. So please avoid the use of excessive ”SHOUTING LOUDLY” with upper case, large font sizes , multiple colours and smilies/emoticons.
4 - Any message including abusive language, racial discrimination or competitive arbitration may be modified or erased without notice. The author may be warned or excluded if the MODERATOR sees fit to do so.
5 - For efficient Internet browser experience, it’s recommended to limit the size of your images (height/width < 500 pixels and size < 150 kB).

RESPECT ; this is the key word, just as in any other community. This forum is a privileged place where courtesy and politeness are essential to foster the spirit of the community.
This is seen more as a basic and logical principle than a rule, but experience unfortunately shows it’s still relevant to remind users of it.

Topics, forums
1 - Don’t just start submitting posts anywhere! Your topic may already have been discovered in an existing discussion thread. Please take time to look at the description of each forum and chose the most suitable forum for your post. You may start with the search function.
2 - You’ll rarely get an immediate response to your post. Please wait at least 24 hours before escalating/resending your post.
3 - Be as accurate and as precise as possible. The more accurate you are, the quicker the response you will get.
4 - When requesting an answer to your post, please choose a related topic in which to post your problem. It’s not helpful to name it : URGENT, HELP !.., problem…
5 - If you really need to include a large image, please put a hyperlink to a copy stored on another public website instead of including the image inline. Members with slow connections will thank you for doing this! And he/she maybe the person who gets an answer to you!

1 - The size has to be light (width < 120 pixels, height < 80 pixels, maximum size : 15 kB). Animated avatars in GIF format are permitted.
2 - Each member may choose his/her own avatar by uploading their own image. For avoiding confusion, it’s recommended to not choose an avatar that has already been used by another member.

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