I want a new forum


Its really great that there now is a forum for Open AT developers so we can discuss all the things we think of, no matter if there are problems, solutions or anything else between heaven and earth related to Open AT.

But shouldn’t it be better to have a forum for the whole product (HW and SW)?

Since I’ve been working alot also with hardware around the module, I know that there are many hidden traps that a developer can step into.

There are many things that argue in favor of a “Wavecom Developer Forum” instead of just the “Open AT developer forum”:
-Module discussions
-Peripheral Hardware (Power supply, communication interfaces, SIM interface, displays, keypads etc.) the list can be made even longer…
-Antenna discussions
-Approval discussions
-Many software questions are more or less hardware related.
-Operators (M2M subscription)

My point is that and in order not to limit the users questions to SW, the forum should be open to any discussion about Wavecoms products instead of having separate channels for different questions.

Of course, there will still be questions that the developer does not want to share in public but I’m sure that the developer would feel less confused if all topics he/she wishes to discuss about a product, could be posted in one singe forum.

And maybe most important of all is that in order for a forum to be alive and work well, it needs the users to post entries and discuss alot, and this is not achieved by limiting the forum or the topics.

The information flow in a forum must be as free as possible and then it is the job of the moderators to organize it.
The usefulness of a forum is directly dependent on its users.
A bad working forum -> no new users and old users stop using it :frowning: .
A healthy forum -> more users and more information :smiley: .

Thank you for letting me share my opinion.



We will be happy to hear your views on the various points you mention whenever there is a Open AT context.
We will look into your suggestion of creating a generic forum for Wavecom products.


This will be done.

Wavecom started with Open AT® Software as it was the biggest request from customers but there was no deliberate intention to avoid hardware.

Stay tuned, it’s coming…


Desperately looking for a HW corner on the forum. Any ideas about when its coming?


Just jumpimg on the wagon with Snoooze and Beisher the Hardware forum is one thing the site needs.

It will be appreciated. thanks Jamie.