Vista compatibility

Is M2M Studio really Vista compatible? (It is supposed to be)
I am having intermittent random crashes during:
launch help
select Open AT Tab
select properties from flyouts
if I sneeze etc.
The Vista crash log is
[attachment=0]crash bang.JPG[/attachment]

I find that the Com port isn’t managed correctly and needs a regular reboot to get things working again.
After lots of playing I have eventually managed to download LUA to my Fastrack Supreme. But has anyone managed to create a PPP over Serial connection under Vista (some sites say this functionality has been removed from Visa??) And if you have please share the info!

And now DwlWin has crashed - my PC was stable until I started playing with Wavecom…

are you using an internal com-port, or an usb-serial converter?

I’m using a prolific USB-to-serial converter.
Running DwlWin locks the com port, crashes the Windows device manager and needs a restart!

can you try using another brand usb-serial converter?
Wavecom app’s have a reputation for not playing nice with usb-serial converters.

maybe the drivers for your prolific device are not playing nice to dwlwin as well.

I’ve tried several now. It looks like the more expensive ones don’t work for me but a cheap Ebay one from China is OK!
for info:
search for “USB serial” on Ebay
this one works:
Thanks for your help.