Latest Lua .dwl file for Fastrack Supreme 10 r_074 firmware


Hi. Anybody has compiled openatlua-2008-04-24 for R_74 firmware that he can share?
I have no idea how to make it by myself.
Best Regards

It serves PPP over USB. If you want it over, say, UART2, you have to enter the folliwing AT command, then reboot:


You still have to configure your PC for a cable connection over serial line, as explained in the manual’s appendix.


Perfect. :slight_smile: You are the star. Thank you.


I believe that I’ve made something wrong to my fastrack using +WMFM command. I can’t download anything now, XMODEM ERROR. What is default setting for +WMFM?
Firmware redownload doesn’t help.
AT+WMFM? reponds with:


Download is controlled through AT+WDWL. AT+WMFM opens and closes uarts.


Ok. Nevermind, I had other problems but they dissapeard. I am using M2M studio to download precompiled Lua interactive. Downloads OK. But nothing happens and I can’t connect to via PPP. I will read a little bit before I ask you for clues.