Using lua on Fastrack Supreme


Is it possible to use lua on fastrack supreme? As i understood, lua is optimized for WMP series. I followed instructions from lua-refman and lua-tutorial, but I cannot make connection to a Supreme through telnet. Has anyone succeeded to do that?


I got lua_interactive working on a Fastrack Supreme, just follow the instructions in the “OpenAT Dynamic Programming with Lua Reference Manual” carefully in setting up Windows. There is an error in the manual on p.64 where you ping the module: the correct address for the module is and not as shown in the example.

lua_interactive is working OK but crashes from time to time and I cannot figure out why; so far I got no response regarding this problem, perhaps you can help :slight_smile:


@iveseli: Open AT Lua runs fine on every WMP and Q26 CPUs with 2 megabits or more of memory. I think this includes all modules and modems sold by Wavecom within the last year or so, inlcuding Fastracks. Basically you need the CPU to accept applications compiled in “1MB+” mode, as opposed to “256KB” mode.

Open AT Lua can be slimmed down to fit within the old 256KB limit, but it takes a bit of care, both when selecting the standard lua libraries you want to embed and when designing your own application.