Lua questions

I’m Chris and I’m new to this forum, so I would like say hello to everybody!

At work we use Fastrack Supreme and Fastrack Xtend devices. Some time ago we started to use Lua on them. I have some questions related to that topic.

  1. What is the current status of Lua plugin? The last version which I can see in M2M studio is dated on 07.2010 so it’s quite old. Is the Lua plugin still supported?

  2. I tried to get and run Lua from this repository:
    Everything compiled correctly and I’m able to produce DWL file and put it into Fastrack device. Everything is OK (Lua works) until I don’t call any function related to scheduler. When I call for example wait(10), the modem restarts immediately. There is no any message when this happens.

Anybody has any idea what could cause the problem?

I do the following steps when I’m building the project:

  • import Lua sources into workspace

  • in project properties=>Open AT Library I select framework profile, firmware, OS and libraries (WIP plugin)

  • compile the Lua project

  • create new openAT project with appropriate Toolchain (GCC) and memory type (1MB+)

  • add reference to oatlua sources which I imported earlier

  • write some simple code, and put it into main.c source file:
    luaW_memPoolInit( mempools);
    luaW_start( BOOT_TIME_MODULES);

  • compile the sources

  • put DWL file into modem device

Any ideas?

Have a nice day,

Hello Chris! Welcome aboard!

Although Sierra Wireless does not actively support Lua on Open AT devices (as opposed as ALEOS AF devices), I’m pretty sure awneil (Antronics) used it already, and for sure few folks at Sierra Wireless as well, like Fabien (fft). Folks, any hint to help Chris?


Hi Chris,

I suggest you post your question in the “Open AT Framework” or “AirPrime embedded wireless modules” sections, which are much more relevant from these questions, and thus you will get answers first hands by the folks who know everything about that.


Dear Chris,

  • Lua plug-in was delivered as a ready to use library in the Open AT Framework package some years ago.
  • Lua support is managed through the community of Lua developers on this forum. You can retrieve former topics about Lua with the search option (top right corner). Also these former topics and new ones are now located in the sample code area of AirPrime Third-party libraries and code Sharing sections.
  • On latest Open AT Framework package, it has been decided to remove the Lua library.