OpenAT Virgin


Hi guys.

I’m all new to open at and trying to figure out where to begin with making a simple application for a FXT001. The application will be receiving some weather data over uart, do some conversions and perform a http get against a server.

I managed to create some simple “regular” openat applications using the samples, but would love to try LUA as I thought it would be excellent for this kind of simple task. However I can’t seem to really get started with it; theres no samples, “New LUA project” in developer studio wont even compile, I have no idea what the documentation refers to as lua_interactive, and google wont even help.

Been sitting here for about 12 straight hours and my hair is turning gray! Anyone with some good pointers or a complete sample project?


You can find svn repository of oatlua on:

Try searching this forum for “Lua”. This two results may be important:


I suggest the use of ELF compiler, before converting to EABI. You first have to build oatlib as library and then include it in some sample appli.


Thanks for your answer ljweko, I wrote the program using c and wip instead of struggling with LUA. Works like a charm! :smiley:

Ps. I Found the oatlua repo the same night of the post, however the post you referred might solve the other problems i encountered. Maybe next time I’ll try LUA.


Hi malbrgit

I also have to do the same as similar to your application…
I need to recieve the data from uart and send the data using http from fxt 009 to server…
Can u suggest some of the sample codes to me…
I am completely new to the developer studio as well as sierra wireless modems…

Thanks in advance