airlink fxt edge

OpenAT and dumping the code to target

Hi guys.

[b]I’m all new to open at and trying to figure out where to begin with making a simple application for a airlink FXT009. The application will be receiving some weather data over uart, do some conversions and perform a http get against a server.

I managed to create some simple “regular” openat applications using the samples, but would love to try C as I thought it would be excellent for this kind of simple task. However I can’t seem to really get started with it; there are samples in developer studio i created a open at project and opened the example of uart program, now the pgm builds it to arm ecc target… there are 3 files uart_access.c,uart1.c,uart2.c. Hope i would have to use uart1 to dump my code in binary format that is .axf file… [/b]

Thanks in Advance


Please refer the ADL_User_Guide.pdf for (FCM services) and WIP_Open_AT_IP_Connectivity_Development_Guide.pdf (HTTP) to get started.

Can you elaborate on what is the issue faced here?

Hi there,

These documents can be found on the Dev Zone ( - enter “WIP” as keyword for instance):