I am a fervent user of Python for anything non-embedded and I was wondering if Lua, being a scripting language too, makes developing for AirPrime easier.

Has anyone been using Lua, and how do you like it as opposed to plain C?
Does it blend well with Open AT? Is there a tutorial available or is it straightforward to use in Open AT applications?

:slight_smile: I’m looking forward to hear your experiences


never worked on LUA… regarding the tutorial, i think after installing the LUA package in developer studio, we gets a LUA user guide in the installation path… lets c… if some other people have experience on this…

Oh, thanks for the tip Rex

Link to tutorial to get Lua work under DS:

Newer versions of Developer Studio do not support Lua at all. Install correct/older DS version.

Lua under OpenAT is fun, I’ve implemented anything from XML, Modbus, SMTP, SNMP and some custom HTTP, it works. But no support from SiWi any more.

Currently enjoying Python.

Python? Not on SiWi’s products right?

Let me see - who has Python on their cellular products…?


I don’t know, does anyone have Python on their wireless products? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, it is just an ARM board with Debian Linux, no wireless connectivity yet. But if Legato supports Python, it is an intention to port it over later. Time to enroll in Legato beta.