M2M Studio 2.0.0 + LUA Plugin

Hello All!
I downloaded M2M Studio a few days ago (the newest version with all updates).

I would like to use OpenAT + Lua Plugin with my Fastrack GO modem.

After creating a new Open AT Lua Project (File->New Open AT Lua Project) and building it, downloading it to the modem, lua program doesn’t work :frowning: (the script from src-lua). I’m able to perform at+lua="…" commands from a console and they work.

I realized that luapreload_<name_of_my_proj>() from src/luapreload_<name_of_my_proj>.c is empty. It seems that something haven’t been generated correctly.

I use the following versions of software:
Open AT Embedded Soft. Suite 2.35
Open AT OS 6.35
Firmware Package 7.45
Lua Plugin 2.1.0

Any ideas?

Thank you from advance!

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Can somebody help me? I do something wrong?

Do ‘AT Lua Project’ works for everyone? If yes, please let me know. It also will be a helpful information for me.

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I managed to solve the problem.

The problem was in %M2MStudioPath%\plugins\com.wavecom.openat.ide.luacompiler.win32_2.0.0.201102171614-R6456\executables\lua2flash.lua file.

The line from get_bytecode() function, should look like this:

local cmd = “”$LUAC$" -o $TMP$ $FLASHFLAG$ $STRIPFLAG$ $SRC$ 2>&1" % options

I added " before and after $LUAC$ variable.

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