Use of a prototype card with FX30S

I would to use the UART resources on the IoT card connector.
Must I have to connect n_card_detect pin to low level to use with I/O ?
Thank you

Hi Romuald,

Octave does not use the card detect pin when chosing how to configure the UART on the IOT slot. It uses the configuration at /app/io/config to set the owner of a UART, as well as some parameters such as baud rate, etc.

How are you planning to use the UART? For example, will it be routed to an Octave Service, such as ORP, or do you wish to use the tty directly? If you wish to route to an Octave service, select the service and choose UART2 in the Octave UI.

The tty on the IOT slot is: /dev/ttyHS1