Configuration before using IOT Expansion card

Hello all,
I configured the UART2 for linux application and I’m able to communicate with my Mangoh IOT expansion card.
This is a LoRaWan Card.
The problem is that I can’t Join the LoRaWan Network.
I did the following configuration :

//Set LoRaWan mode in uplink.
armSetMode(&myArm, ARM_MODE_LORAWAN);
armLwEnableOtaa(&myArm, true);
armLwEnableRxWindows(&myArm, true);
armLwEnableTxAdaptiveSpeed(&myArm, true);
armLwEnableTxAdaptiveChannel(&myArm, true);
armLwEnableRx2Adaptive(&myArm, true);
armLwEnableDutyCycle(&myArm, false);
armLwSetConfirmedFrame(&myArm, ARM_LW_UNCONFIRMED(0));

Is there a configuration I have to do on the FX30S before using the IOT Card? Maybe in the RAT Selection? Band?

Best Regards,

Hi Bastien,
Does your mangoh route UART2 to the IOT slot?
Does that iot card require any gpio or a fw image?
Did you configure any gpio?

Please explain all steps that were required to get it to work on the mangoh. Then I can reference to the FX30.


Hi Chris,
Thank for your reply !

Yes my mangoh card route UART2 to the IOT slot. I can communicate with the IOT chip.
I think the card just need the n_sleep, and n_reset pin to high state. I already done this.
The card is the ACW-mangoh (LoRaWan)
When I power up the FX30S, my app do all the configuration but I don’t receive any JOIN request on my OBJENIOUS plateform. This is not just a location problem because I already test to change my position in outdoor and it doesn’t work.


Hi Bastien,
Are you certain the mangoh is using UART2? I think the green and red use UART1, and I’m unsure about the yellow.
Could you please ensure the gpio configuration is correct? The FX30 uses different gpio to the IOT interface. Take a look at the FX30 user manual.

Hi chris,
Yes the mangoh is using UART2. I found my problem, I was thinking that the IOT card used the cellular antenna but it’s not the case. I just plug my antenna on the IOT card and it’s work well.