Fx30s + iot lora card



Actually our applications send data by GSM. We want to secure this and add a second transmission way that’s is LORAWAN. For this we add IOT expansion card.
My project consist in developping the software who spy the communication between the datalogger and the modem. Put out the data and send it by LORAWAN.

My questions:
-There is an easier way to do this application?
-How to send data by LORAWAN (I think I have to use the UART ttyHSL1 but I don’t find function to send data)
-Sample apps like this already exist?

PS: Sorry for my bad English

Best regards.


Hi bastien,

There is no officially supported application from Sierra. However, try checking the mangOH forums, perhaps someone has used this IOT card there. Or perhaps try contacting the IOT card vendor.