FTX009 CAN bus expansion Card


Recently I got a FTX009 modem with CAN bus card (EC0030), unfortunately I’m having a hard time making those two work together. I couldn’t find any manual that gets me
through it so far. Even more, I couldn’t even find this CAN bus expansion card in the market, only the Ethernet model.
Does anyone know how to acess/communicate with expansion cards with AT commands?

Best regards,

Hi arthurwozniak,

As I know, your FTX009 is not supported CAN bus expansion card. There are 3 supported Expansion cards:

  • FXTE01 : IO+GPS Expansion Card
  • FXTE02 : ETHERNET Expansion Card
  • EC0020 : RS485 + Isolated Digital Input

Furthermore, FTX009 is end of life product. For my suggestion, depending on your purpose, you should switch to new model FX30 or GL series for better experience.

Some topics about CAN bus with fx30 series you can refer: