IoT Expansion - GPIO mapping

Hi all,

I am using a FX30 for a project, but I am having troubles with the CanBus IoT expansion card. There is an enable pin for a component on this card, but I can’t set it. The pin 25 of the IoT header is called ‘GPIO2’ and is linked to the enable pin I need to use. I don’t know the corresponding pin on the WP8548 and therefore, I can’t enable my IoT expansion card.

Does anyone know where I could find a pin map for the IoT header ? (FX30 side, not expansion card side)
(Basically, I can’t make the CanBus expansion work, and I think this is part of the problem.)


Hi Drinausaur,

FX30 IoT Connector mapping is available on the FX30 user guide table 3-9.
IoT Card GPIO1 is mapped on FX30 GPIO42.
IoT Card GPIO2 is mapped on FX30 GPIO33.
IoT Card GPIO3 is mapped on FX30 GPIO13.
IoT Card GPIO4 is mapped on FX30 GPIO8.