How to send data via USB interface in FX30

My customer bought FX30 and connected SWI octave now.
FX30 can read sensor data via Iot Slot card correctly.
In parallel, my customer would like to input system information from raspberry Pi to Octave via USB interface.
I check Octave GUI but there is not USB interface like UART.
FX30 have USB interface.

Can customer send system information to Octave server via USB interface in FX30?

Hello Takashi,

The FX30 only supports the iot card slot for serial communications. The FX30S supports both the rear DB9 port and the iot card slot for serial communications

Thanks for your quick support.

This meaning is that FX30/FX30S have USB port but Octave do not support this USB port and SWI do not plan to support USB port in Octave.

This USB port is just only debug purpose.

Is my understanding correct?

Yes, USB port is for debugging, but we still can imagine a way to use it, depending on the exact need.

If the RPi can be USB Host, it can connect to the FX30 through SSH, and then issue some “dhub” commands to, for example, update a virtual resource value.

Yes, customer can use USB Host in Raspberry Pi.
Could you please let us know how to use virtual resource value with USB Host?

We must be clear on the fact that this procedure is not officially supported and is currently used for debug only. The API may be modified without specific notification on release note.

This being said, the idea is to connect trough SSH and perform dhub commands: ssh root@

Once connected, you can push a value using : dhub push /app/virtual/my_vr/value "this is just an example"

dhub --help for more information.