USB Installer JRE problem

When I try to install the USB driver I get the following error relating to the location of the JRE :

A Java Runtime Environment(JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK) must be available in order to run M2MStudioSetup. No Java virtual machine was found after searching the following locations:
javaw.exe in your current PATH

The indicates that the problem is that the installer cannot find the JRE.

There is a JRE installed on the system.

I have added the JRE to the PATH environment variable and tested this by issuing a java -version command from a command prompt window (cmd). This successfully dispalys the JRE version.

I’m using Windows 7 64bit edition.

I also get the same issue when trying to install Developer Studio Light.

Has anyone come across the same problem?


The JRE is expected to be located at /eclipse/jre/bin/javaw.exe. If it is located elsewhere, the absolute path should be specified using the -vm (-vm vmpath)option on the command line; e.g., -vm C:\j2jre1.3.0\jre\bin\javaw.exe. In which case, the installer should add this option to the command line .

If the location of JRE is not specified, the launcher will attempt to find a JRE. It will first look for a directory called “jre” as a sibling of the Eclipse executable, and then look on the operating system path. Relative paths are interpreted relative to the directory that eclipse was started from.

Did you try with other OS versions, if installer is working fine.
Also, try to install full installer of Developer studio and see if it is installed or not.


Please elaborate on the java version which is installed on your system:

  • 32 or 64 bits VM? (both installer and DS require a 32 bits VM, even on 64 bits systems)
  • Java 6 or Java 7?

Please also note that installer is asking to be executed as Administrator. So when you’re configuring the PATH, please make sure you’ve done it for the Administrator. e.g. to do the java check, run the cmd as administrator, to be sure you’re checking the right PATH value.

i solved the problem by installing an other Version of Java:

Java™ Runtime Environment V 1.6.0_41 Just in german language! Sorry

Now the Installation works fine… also without any “-vm”.