Developer Studio on Windows 8: anyone use it?

I try to install Developer Studio on Windows 8 pro 64 bit, after download it, I launch .exe but an error occurrence:
JRE don’t find. Solved: JRE(64bit) downloaded and PATH added in Windows Environment Variables.

after re-launch .exe but another error occurence: “failed to load the JNI shared library…”

I think that the dev studio doesn’t work with 64bit-based OS…

I try to another way: I try Installation over an Eclipse platform, so I downloaded last Eclipse version (Juno for Win-64bit) and I installed new software from (Developer studio for Eclipse/Developer studio(all-in-one) and Developer Studio: Toolchain Binaries).
I added Application and Packages Manager Prospective but i can’t add Target Manager.

How to add Target Manager Prospective?

Anyone can help me?


It certainly works with Win7 64-bit.

But it doesn’t work with 64-bit JRE: Installing Open AT Software on Windows7 and vista platform - #6 by daav

Tnx a lot.

So, the steps are:

  1. Install JRE 32bit!
  2. Add path in Windows Envoirment Variables(if JRE not found)
  3. Install DevStudio


Confirmed: DS is supported similarly on Windows 7 and Windows 8.
You just have to pay attention to install the 32 bits JRE.

I found that the JRE32 insallation did this automatically - I didn’t have to do it manually.