Developer Studio under Windows 7 64-bit

I just went though the install process on a new machine running Windows 7 64-bit, and I hit a couple of snags that others might benefit from understanding.

  1. The installer requires a 32-bit JDK. I installed the 64-bit JDK first, and it repeatedly failed to execute the installer properly. Once I installed the 32-bit JDK and pointed my PATH to it, the installer functioned.

  2. Do not attempt to install the tools to anywhere besides the default installation location. The compilers will not function properly. This is becuase, regardless of what you tell the installer, some files end up written to the default location regardless.

  3. The product must be installed in offline mode first, then upgraded using the built-in package updater. Attempting to install off the remote repositories stalls out and never completes.


Which is weird… as I did installed it on 7 x64 and had like none of the described issues, quite the opposite:

  1. Yeah, 32bit jdk is must, but thats true for like everything, I don’t really know what can work on 64 bit jdk

  2. I was having some issues with the default location, I can’t remember really what, but that forced me to install on location having no spaces in the path and not being under W7’s protection, all was okay after that, no files were installed in the default one.
    Maybe you have faced another problem - for some quite weird reason, there are full paths stored inside your project file to the compilers/linkers, so if you have created/modified your project with the studio installed in the default location, then you tried to install somewhere else and tried to open the project, you’ll get hit by missing paths. That is solvable, ofc, but annoying nevertheless.

  3. Got the full installer, but actually installed the updated stuff, online