Undocumented: wip_debug()

The WIP v2.00 Sample "“TCP Client” seems to be using a couple of undocumented WIP Features:

There are lots of calls to wip_debug() which is not mentioned anywhere in the Development Guide (WIPlib V2.00).

This appears to be like TRACE - with a printf-style format string & variable argument list - but sends its output to the (undocumented) WIP_NET_OPT_DEBUG_PORT.
See: wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … php?t=1423

Does it have the same format-string restrictions as TRACE? (ie, no %s): wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … ight=trace

wip_debug() is still not mentioned in the v5.10 WIPLib manual - despite the fact that it is used extensively in the examples in that document!! :unamused: :angry:

still not documented in 5.20 !!

Wavecom even has not doxygened wip_net.h yet. I guess wip_debug is just a sprintf style TRACE. So be careful to use %f if you are using GCC. What I suggest is you can implement plateform independent vsnprintf with floating point support by youself and then wrap adl_trcPrint. When the length of the formated string by vsnprintf is more than 255, you just split the string and call (length/255) + 1 adl_trcPrint in your wrapper function.

ADL library is very well doxygened. Hope WIP library will be doxygened, too.

I assume you mean, “be careful not to use %f if you are using GCC” :?: