Unable to update RV55 Firmware remotely

I have to update a significant number of RV55’s. I don’t currently have ALMS and I’m trying to do this remotely.
I have the .bin and .iso downloaded.
I’m not new to this, I’ve been through several f/w and rmf updates without issue.
I’m currently running fw v4.16.2 and rmf v1.14.13.00 ATT.
When I attempt to update the firmware, I select the new firmware No problem.
Then it pops the question about updating the rmf. I select the latest, for ATT and after it transfers the .iso, I get an error that says “Could not read memory type from radio module firmware.”
This stops the process cold and I end up without either firmwares being updated.
The workaround I’ve found is a bit of a process:
Goto Admin > Radio Module Firmware > Firmware and click Update for the AT&T firmware.
I choose the latest rmf and it successfully transfers, however it is not recognized as being in spec with the device firmware.
Then I go back to the standard firmware update screen, add in the device firmware, and it completes just fine.
Finally I go back to Admin > Radio Module Firmware > Firmware and I see that there is no longer a firmware listed for AT&T.
At this point I upload the AT&T RMF again and it succeeds.
Now I can tell it to activate the AT&T firmware.
Finally, I’m back in business.

I do NOT have this issue when I’m updating via USB. Only when I try to update remotely.

Is there a fix underway for this issue?

Thank you!

Hi @mbezzlr,

How many routers have you upgraded? Have any routers been successfully upgraded?
Usually, that error means there is not enough storage space to read the firmware that’s being installed.
In the Admin tab under Radio Module Firmware, please delete any existing firmware that is not needed and try to install the update again.


Found the issue was with the virtual machine I was using and connection latency. Didn’t expect that. Thanks for your suggestion.