Error when applying radio firmware update on RV50

During the “Applying” stage of updating the radio firmware on RV50 it is failing and giving me the error: “Could not read memory type from radio module firmware”. I am trying to update with MC73545_05.05.58.05_VZW_005.032_000.iso. The current radio firmware version is SW19X15C_05.05.58.01 r270444 card-fwbuild1 2015/03/05 00:02:40.

I was able to update ALEOS to 4.15.3.

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I am having this issue, also.

Hi jthom,

Did you follow the steps to Update the ALEOS Software and Radio Module Firmware (page 26) in the 41114228_ALEOS 4.15.0 Software Configuration User Guide for AirLink RV50_r1.pdf?
AirLink RV50/RV50X Software Configuration Guide.

Could you please provide your device configuration, log, and a screenshot of the issue?

  • The configuration file is in ACEmanager → Template, click Download button.
  • The log file is in ACEmanager → Admin → Log, click Download Logs button

Here is the template and log info from the RV50.



filteredlogs (1).txt (1.11 MB)

(Attachment rv50x_template.xml is missing)

It doesn’t look like the template was included in the email. Let me know if you need that as well.

Hi jthom ,

I don’t find the configuration template and the screenshot of the issue. Please share them with me.

Hi, Donald,

Here’s the template and a screen grab of the error.



rv50x_template.txt (119 KB)

I too am having this issue.

Hi jthom ,

Could you please try to put it in recovery mode and check again?
To enter recovery mode, please connect the Ethernet cable from your PC to RV50 ( set your PC’s IP = 192.168.13.x), and refer to page 18 in “41114228_ALEOS 4.15.0 Software Configuration User Guide for AirLink RV50_r1.pdf” document.
AirLink RV50/RV50X Software Configuration Guide

Hi, Donald,

I put it in recover mode and uploaded the latest ALEOS package. It went through the process of installing the package and said that it was rebooting. However, after it rebooted it returned to the recovery mode screen and did not reboot to the logon screen. It does not allow me to connect to the RV50 with ethernet through

The indicators eventually show signal green and the network is flashing amber/red. I can’t connect to the modem so I can’t update the radio firmware.

Not sure how to proceed from here.



Hi, Donald,

I figure out the issue with the connection and am able to connect to ALEOS. I had to access with HTTPS port instead of the HTTP port.

I think the radio firmware is the current version.

Thanks for the help.


Has there been any progress on fixing this issue in the firmware?
I attempted the solution here without luck and was able to reproduce the error on 3 different RV50 devices.

I was never able to figure out a resolution to this. The version numbers seemed that it was an upgrade, but it never allowed me to update.

I have the same problem with the RV50 as the original post. My unit is running IP passthru mode and it currently works OK, but the network light it flashing red/amber.
Is there a resolution here?
Is there a downside of using the RV50 in this configuration?
Thank you.

Hi @bstephens ,
Welcome you to our community!
Could you please share with me some information as below:

  1. Has this issue happened before? or before your RV50 is working fine until you take some action then cause the issue.
  2. What network provider are you using?
  3. Have you installed the latest radio firmware corresponding to that carrier? If not, you can download it following the link below:
  4. After installing the latest radio firmware corresponding to your network provider. Do the issue still happens in this case?


Yeah, I have this on at least 2 RV50s. Flashing red/amber network, “Could not read memory type”

4.15.3, no prob getting into HTTPS side of things, radio FW shows some SWI9X15C version.

Anyone? Bueller?

Can’t update radio firmware for the life of me.


It shows the cellular side is fine. Connected to VZW, grabbed IP, etc.

Very puzzling.

Was able to downgrade an RV50 to ALEOS 4.8.1 . Attempting to upgrade radio firmware to latest (MC7354_05.05.58.05_VZW_005.032_000.iso) results in error message: “Expected firmware filename is MC7354_VZW_55581.iso. Continue anyway?”

My current theory is that there’s some vintage of RV50 that has a radio module that isn’t compatible with 4.15.3 – the module passes data, but the latest FW can’t query it for info, thus the 4.15.3 firmware being unable to identify the memory used in the radio.


Wish SW would at least vaguely support this stuff.



Bingo. Updated the radio firmware with a RV50 @ 4.8.1 to MC7354_05.05.58.05_VZW_005.032_000.iso , despite the error message. Took about 5 minutes of green sequential LED flashing, but it restarted and showed newer radio firmware, dated 2017/09/25.

Updated the ALEOS firmware to 4.15.3 and after several restarts, the radio module seems to be working and the network light is no linger flashing red/amber.

Seems order of operations is important here. RV50 is now up and talking on my VPN.

So… Update radio fw first – then ALEOS fw. This seems to do the trick.

Think of it as job security, folks.


Edit #2: If you can’t downgrade to 4.8.1, 4.13.0 seems to work. I could not downgrade to 4.8.1 from 4.15.3, I assume something in between restructures the file structure. I was able to hit the recover page, flash 4.13.0, then update the radio fw to the latest.

Something between 4.13 and 4.15 breaks the link to the 2015 dated radio FW.

Link to older fw here:


Hello RV50 support forum,

RV50, S/N LT81340240021032 and IMEI 353968093286640

Went to the factory reset (20 sec reset) and came to recovery mode. Loaded “RV50 ALEOS” from website noted below. Everything looks good, reloaded and rebooted. Upon reboot, the unit looks to be working, gives correct IP gateway but refuses to connect to the website:

Attached are the logs from the device.

Thank you for your help.



aleos.log.tar (222 KB)

Try using As I recall, the new firmware disable the http:// . . . :9191 port.