Unable to register MangOH red device with Octave

I have a MangOH red device and trying to test it on the Octave platform.
But after entering the IMEI and FSN, getting an unknown serial number, unknown IMEI error.

Hi Naveen,

Could you post the IMEI and the Octave account you are using?

Octave acct: naveen_manicka
IMEI: 353805090104204

Hi Naveen,

How did you acquire this device?

bought it from DigiKey

Can you provide the part number? It should be something like this:

1788-1017-ND MANGOHRED_WP7700

Hi Naveen,

This is an open source platform based mangOH Red. The Octave version of the mangOH Red is required for use with Octave . The firmware is different and the SIMs for Octave are different. That is why I could not locate your device in our system. That DigiKey part number is

I loaded the 3.0.0 FW on the board.
And I am using my own SIM from AT&T …
Do I need to use your SIM only?

What is your ICCID of your SIM card?


Hi Naveen,

Your SIM is not configured to support Octave. Is it an emebedded SIM or a plastic SIM?

The AT&T SIM is a plastic SIM.

How do you configure a SIM for Octave?
Is this possible on existing SIMs?

I do have the Sierra SIM which came with the MangOH Red board (SWIR):
ICCID: 89332401000011473291

But using this SIM, i am getting connection failure: LE_FAULT
cm radio output:

Registration was Denied LE_MRC_REG_DENIED

The SIM that comes with an Octave enabled device registers on a private APN and is set up in Airvantage with specific attributes.

Can the SIM i have be programmed with those parameters?

Hi Navven,

Technically it is possible but there may be other options. Could you contact me by email at djudkins@sierrawireless.com ?