Octave MangoH red device unable to configure using Serial to IP

I have a new Mango Red device, I have to connected via USB. When I try to log into the device to check APN and other settings, I am unsuccessful. Also unable to ping the device. Device will also no register on the Octave platform, and LCD just reads connecting… with the serial number and IMEI.

So I am unable to log in locally to configure, but also unable to use on the octave platform. Is there anyway to reset the device or force a configuration to it? In my network settings it is showing up as a modem, and I downloaded the drivers. Are there instructions to change the way it is being viewed in my devices?

Hi Terence,

Your device does not seem to be an Octave SKU and is not provisioned as suc form a connectivity perspective.
Octave devices are not meant to be pinged from the cloud nor provide direct internet connectivity to the device.
You can therefore not expect to directly handle Edge to Cloud IP level connectivity

I suggest you to reach out to you internally to have someone do the changes for you on your device settings
or have you get an Octave MangoHRed SKU which will work out of the box


Hi Terence ,

I will schedule a meeting with you to resolve.