Cant connect to OCTAVE with my mangoh yellow wp7702

Hello I have a mangoh yellow WP7702 and whenever I attempt to activate the device I states that my serial number and IMEI are unknown I’ve check multiple times on the numbers and made sure they were right. Im attempting to update the firmware but im not sure how to do it and what to do with the spk and ssh files, also when updating the firmware for octave it shows up as not found

Hello Abrahim,

Could you provide the IMEI or the FSN? Was this an Octave or an open source Mangoh yellow sku device?

IMEI is 352653090188947
SN is 4L931585090610
I am using the MANGO H Yellow and trying to connect to Octave

Hello Abrahim.
The mangOH Yellow with IMEI= 352653090188947 does not appear to be an Octave device platform SKU. This device is an open source mangOH Yellow and is not compatible with Octave. Octave enabled devices will have Octave in the description. These can be usually be purchased at Sierra Wireless Store, DigiKey, Richardson RFPD or GetWireless. I did a spot check and it seems as if these device are out of stock at these sites. There is a order in progress to provide more Octave mangOH Yellows to Richardson RFPD. Seems as if the supply chain issues are impacting this particular product.