Octave ORP vs mangOH yellow - which physical UART to use

Which MangOH yellow physical pins relate to Octave ORP UART1 and UART2 ?


I built the table below from info in mangOH yellow
Is this correct?

ORP Port Name Connection Voltage
UART 1 Expansion Connector (CN805) Pins 7-8 3V3 ?
UART 1 IoT Connector (CN601) Pins 12–15 1V8 ?
UART 2 micro-USB (CN800) USB

Also is any configuration needed to enable UART 1 and UART 2 for Octave ORP use? e.g. AT commands


Hi John,
First does in your device detail page, the reported model is “mangoh yellow” or"unknown", if unknown you need a more recent yellow firmware

Anyway, it will work only on UART1 and no MAPUART command are needed, it will be done for you

Thanks Julien

I guess the screen grab below means I have an older Legato system image?


Which of the two versions should I use?

Are there any change notes for the upgrades?
Does the upgrade erase edge javascript in the device?

I noticed in a post by Thibault that there is a mangOH Yellow Software Image release available mangOH Yellow Software Image.
There doesn’t appear to be any version information available on the page or an indication that the .spk image supports Octave - is this image suitable for use with mangOH + Octave + WP7702 ?
Which Octave version is this image?
The image file name is this




Hi @johnofleek I accidentally upgraded to version 2.1.0 and regretted it as it does not support the out the box functionality that newbies like me needed. After a long struggle I rolled back to version 1.0 using yellow_wp77xx_0.3.0.spk. The model name in mine shows as “MangOH Yellow”


You can get the steps to do a fresh install of your Yellow for Octave here: https://docs.octave.dev/docs/getting-started-with-the-mangoh-yellow

Latest Yellow firmware for Octave also available here: https://mangoh.io/mangoh-yellow-resources-software

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The answer is (at the moment)

UART1 is supported by Octave Edge ORP

On the mangOH yellow you can use either

ORP Port Name Connection Voltage
UART 1 Expansion Connector (CN805) Pins 7-8 3V3
UART 1 IoT Connector (CN601) Pins 12–15 1V8

But be very careful with CN805 as the level shifter used is a Fairchild / ON FXMA108 - this part is only compatible with insulated gate logic i.e MOS. If you connect anything which sinks or sources current the circuit may malfunction.

From the datasheet