Register your device in Octave

Hi I received the new board MangOHYellow but in my Octave account I don’t see the module connected, Do you know where I can find this seccion? Because I need to set the IMEI and ICCID parameters.


I really appreciate any comment about it.


I didn’t realise Octave had been around for that long!


Hi, You do not have to fill in the IMEI or ICCD. The device will report that into Octave. Leave your device powered on for a bit and it should register itself. Send ICCID of your SIM and I may be able to prompt it to do this faster if you leave the device powered on.

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Did you get it registered?

Hi, Could post the IMEI?

Hello! I could not register my device but I have a SIM card, Does is possible to activate it? Do you have a trial period? or What is the correct channel to enable the SIM. Thanks the ICCID is 89332401000013668708 SWIR.

Hi Jesus,

The SIM is activated and paired with device IMEI = 352653090152976. Can you SSH into the device and issue the commands
cm data
cm sim info
cm info all ?