Can't Register in Octave


I tried to register my FSN/IMEI in Octave and it keeps going back to step 3 asking me for IMEI/FSN anthough they are both listed correctly. Also “cm radio” says module not registered on network.

Power: ON
Current Network Operator:
Current RAT: Module not registered on network, RAT not available
Status: Registration was denied, usually because of invalid access credentials (LE_MRC_REG_DENIED)
Signal: No signal strength (0)
PS: Packet Switched Not registered (LE_MRC_REG_NONE)

FSN: 4L935170310310
IMEI: 352653090198318

Located in USA

Hello Hash,

The SIM for this device has failed to activate. I am investigating.

Hello Hash, Could you post the results for the following command from the Linux prompt, cm sim info?

Type:                          EMBEDDED
ICCID:                         89332401000010821722
Home Network Operator:         
EID:                           89033240817620069918070002884957
IMSI:                          208240002508988
Phone Number:

Hello Hash,

We are working to resolve this issue

Hello Hash,

Could you let me know what Octave Company you are trying to create the device in?
Also, were you ever able to add the payment information?

Thank You

The company is “Bit Banging Bytes” and no payment information was requested because this is a mangOH yellow dev board.

Hi Hash,

Best company name ever.! We will get you functional.

Hi Hash,

I was able to get to the confirmation step with the IMEI/FSN you provided.
I did not create the device.

Could you check your browser against the following?

The Octave Dashboard’s web application leverages the latest browser technologies to provide an up-to-date view of connected assets. It currently supports the following browsers:

Firefox (version 73 and above)
Chrome (version 80 and above)
Safari (version 13 and above)
Microsoft Edge (version 80 and above)

I’m using Chrome on Ubuntu: Version 88.0.4324.150 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I get all the way to the confirmation step as well and when I click confirm it just takes me back to Step 3 with no error message of any kind. Stuck in an infinite loop… Keep clicking though and it always takes me back to Step 3.

Edit: I also tested on a Mac running Chrome and same issue.

Hi Hash,

I tried to add the same device and had the same issue. I have updated the internal trouble ticket with steps to reproduce.

Hello Hash,

We have changed the process in which the mangOH Yellow is activated.

The new process is to make the user supply a credit card before activation. The credit card will not be charged for 3 months.

The issue you are seeing is a result of the backend process being updated while the User Interface push was delayed. The User Interface update should be pushed today. The User Interface update will allow you to complete the activation process. You will have to enter a credit card to complete the process.

We will post an update when the User Interface push is completed so you can successfully complete the device activation

We apologize for the delay this has caused you.

I added a credit card and even though the website isn’t updated yet it allowed me to register the device.

Thanks for your help.