About register account on Octave and Airvantage

Hi ,

I have one mangOH Yellow and register on Octave. But I can’t register this device on Airvantage.
Can I use same device to register on Octave and Airvantage?


Hi Albert,

If you have an Octave enabled mangOH Yellow and SIM, when you register the device in Octave, the SIM that came with the device is activated in AirVantage. The SIM is contained in a special Octave account not accessible to the end user.

By the way, if you remove the Octave enabled device from Octave, the SIM is suspended. If you add the device back into Octave, the SIM is “unsuspended”.

Hi Albert,

To complement what @djudkins says:

  • Sierra connectivity is always managed by AirVantage (in that sense your device always exists in AirVantage)
  • Data wise, you can’t use both Octave & AirVantage at the same time (different AirVantage companies). That said, it is possible to use one or the other, but you have to choose. If you remove your device from Octave, you can add it either in your (existing or newly created) mangOH trial AirVantage company* or back to Octave** again. Please note that this is not an automated process. You can ask for it either (*) in mangOH forum or (**) in this forum.

Thank you for your reply, and I will follow up this rule.