Octave remove the mangoh yellow registered

Due to USIM-related issues, i will need to remove the mangoh yellow that was registered with Octave.

Do you happen to know how?

Do I have to withdraw from the Ocatave account?

Contacting you in PM to understand better your need.
Your mangOH yellow works with any SIM.

can you explain about PM?? i don’t know PM…

Hi Andy,
PM means “private message”. Please check your messages.
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Hi andykim

I haven’t tried this yet but the following should work so long as !CUSTOM=”UIMAUTOSWITCH” is not set

If you would like to switch to the external SIM instead of the Octave connected internal SIM you could try reading current setting with


(SIM interface):
• 0=UIM1—External UIM interface #1
• 1=UIM2— External UIM interface #2 or eSIM (embedded SIM). Depending on the
module, the interface may be exposed to an external SIM

Change to external SIM


More details are in the AT command manual