Trusted IPs - Inbound (Friends) GX450 4.9.4.p09

I have a GX450 running firmware version 4.9.4.p09 and have enabled Trusted IPs - Inbound (Friends). My issue is that only the first IP in the Friends list can connect. Please advise?




How do you enter trusted IP address in Inbound Trusted IP list?

I can access to the AirLink gateway with all IP address in Inbound Trusted IP list on GX450 firmware version 4.9.4.p09.

Please find the picture in attachment for more detail.

Could you help to share your network topology (diagram would be good) and the configuration template?

The network is set up with one computer behind the router. There are multiple machines on separate class A networks that need to connect to it. A workaround that I have determined works is to add entries to the Inbound Trusted IP Range with the range start and the range end being the same IP address (a range of 1).


Is it OK for you?
Could you help to provide your GX450’s template?
(such as what mode do you configure the MAC Filtering, Port Filtering, Ethernet WAN, …)