RV50 FW4.9.0.040 Trusted IPs Inbound can't connect

I have RV50 and updated to FW4.9.0.040 recently. I had a few Trusted IPs - Inbound (Friends) setup and enabled. I was able to connect the RV50 (using port 9191) and its connected device ( with DMZ enabled without any issues.

But after I updated to FW4.9.0.040, I can connect to the device itself (port 9191) but not the attached device. I am getting 502 Bad Gateway error (The proxy could not connect to the destination.).

If I disable Security --> Inbound Trusted IP (Friends List) Mode, I can see my attached device, but I want more security.

Please help!


I am having the same issue with the GX440 ( and GX450 (