RV50x with Trusted IPs—Inbound (Friends) disabled

RV50x - 4.16.0 Software
Why Cellular WAN incoming packets (e.g. ping or https access to ACEManager) don’t reach router, even if inbound filter is disabled? Only if I set a IP or Network rule for inbounds, I can reach router from outside… is this behaviour normal?

Hi @ICTPal
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Could you please share with me some information as below:

  1. Has this issue happens before? or is this the first time?
  2. Please share your configuration template file
    The configuration template file is in ACEmanager → Template, provide any name you desire for the Template Name, and then press Download to retrieve the template file.


Good morning, thank you for your kind reply.

  1. We acquired the device a few days ago and first updated the firmware to the latest stable version.
    The problem occurred immediately.
  2. We would not want to send the configuration file because it inevitably contains data about our network. In reality, the thing that did not convince us is the impossibility of completely disabling incoming filtering.

Hi @ICTPal

If you can’t share your template, could you please share with me your log?

Collect logs procedure:

a. Go ACEmanager > Admin > Configure Logging

Set all log levels to DEFAULT (NOTICE)

Set Linux Syslog to DISPLAY

b. Reboot the gateway.

c. Perform your test again.

d. Go Admin -> View log -> Download Logs


I collected log, but actually I cannot disable inbound filter without dropping ipsec tunnel. With disabled inbound filter, ipsec tunnel doesn’t work at all.
Here I can upload nothing because I’m a newbie…