Is Trusted IP's (Friends) Secure?

We are getting ready to deploy about 15 Airlilnk RV50’s in the field to read mesaurement devices. I have tested both a VPN configuration and a “Trusted IP’s” configuration. Both work just fine but the Trusted IP’s configuration is much simpler. I want to recommend using Trusted IP’s but I was interested in whether or not there were any significant security issues associated with this type of configuration. Thanks for any input!

Hi @donnie,

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If the Trusted IP feature has the same usage as what you intend to use and you don’t have any problems, you can use it with confidence.
Also, currently according to release note there are no problems related to this feature. Just one thing please read the definition and configuration instructions for this feature carefully to make sure you are using it correctly.


Thanks for the response Jerdung. Yes, I’ll go back and read the “definition” of this feature more carefully now that you’ve made me a little more curios. It doesn’t seem particularly difficult. I key in 3 or 4 IP addresses that are allowed to communicate with the router and everyone else is ignored. Seems simple enough, I hope.