Security - Trusted IPs - Inbound (Friends)

I have several RV50s running ALEOS 4.8.0. The only security setting that I change from the default is the to enable inbound friends mode. I allow incoming connections only from a few static IP address that I control.

I know that friends mode is working correctly because I have tested it. I can get in from the designated IP addresses, but not from others that are not in the list.

My question here concerns the Status/Security page. The IP reject count never moves from zero on these devices.

I happen to still have a few RavenXE 3G devices and I have them setup the same way. On the Status/Security page for these devices, the IP Reject count ticks up when I, or anyone, attempts to connect to the device from an unauthorized IP address.

Anyone know why the IP Reject Count never ticks up when incoming friends mode rejects connection attempts or pings?


The IP reject field has been carried out from the legacy products into the newer ALEOS products; However this field is non functional and there are plans to get rid of it from the UI.