Trouble entering ICCID into air vantage


Following the Getting Started for my new MangOH red, things were rocking along just fine until step 14 wants me to register with AirVantage. The Guide shows a screen that asks for ICCID, IMEI, and Firmware S/N, however the screen I see only asks for IMEI and FSN, in other words, no place to enter ICCID. Not surprising then that the system doesn’t connect, and on the device, the “cm radio” command reports that “Registration was denied, usually because of invalid access credentials”. Is there a different url other than the one printed in the Getting Started Guide? Or is there a workaround that lets me enter the ICCID after registering the MangOH red?


Not entering the ICCID should not prevent you to attach (status provided by cm radio), or to set up a data session (cm data connect).
Make sure your antenna is connected, and that signal strength is enoug (cm radio), and wait.
The first attach can be rather long : 2 - 3 mins.

Make also sure you entered the APN as per step 9 of the getting started guide
cm data apn

It is more likely your SIM is not activated…