Unable To Connect To AirVantage

Hello again,
I has been testing the connectivity of mangOH and AirVantage for few days.
It seem that I can’t connect to AirVantage his morning. I tried to reset mangOH and also logout and login again to AirVantage for 3 hours. Nothing seem to work. Also check network status, registered with good signal strength. cm data, connected. Successfully send sms out. Just can’t connect to AirVantage.
Yesterday was perfect.
Just don’t know what to do.
Best regards,


This is always a good place to start, not that it would have helped you here.


What error are you getting back?



Hello Matt,
I did check the status of the server, seem fine when I had the problem.
I had tried to delete the register system and added it again, but it did not show up too. Then last resort, update the firmware (even it is the latest). It does not work too.
Today, when I powered on mangOH and login to AirVantage, it show up (Comm Status - green). I set heartbeat at 15 minutes, status at 15 minutes.
After running some sample application, it done it again. This time I have the logfile.
temp1.txt (75.1 KB)
Can you tell me what’s wrong and how to fix it if you know?
Appreciate very much for you help.

Best regards,