Totally lost communication with FXT009

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I totally lost the communication between FXT009 modem and PC. I tried to connect with USB as well as serial cable but not able to communicate. even I looked at other forum topics but to apply those solutions, I need to communicate with modem.
Please can anyone help me to come out of this problem?



Are you not able to issue any AT command or you are not able to even connect on UART or USB.
When did you get this issue?

Did you try to connect using developer studio also?What is the error seen?



after lots of trial and error efforts I managed to solve this problem. but now I am not able to any flash memory communication, can you please give me information about memory management (I read flash memory, A&D memory and secured data storage so I am aware about all the API’s used to communicate with but while doing memory allocation practically, I am facing problems)? below is the information of my current firmware and error message which I get whenever I try to use flash memory.

Firmware version- R7.46.0.201108091301
bootloader version - V08b11

Error message:
2013/02/27;10:45:06:066;001;HLH;1;ARM Data Abort caught at 0026D908, Current Task 0x1F by CP15
2013/02/27;10:45:06:072;001;RTK;1;================== RTK STATUS start ==================
2013/02/27;10:45:06:077;001;RTK;1;================== RTK STATUS end ==================

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Sorry, I forgot to mention that not able to use wm_sprintf and flashread, flashwrite


Sounds like your program is causing an exception almost immediately and ending up in an endless reboot cycle.

You need to disable you application by sending at+wopen=0 to stop the running application - but you need to do this as soon as the modem boots and before your application causes a reboot. Once you have disabled the application, you can use at+wopen=4 (to erase the application) and at+wopen=3 (to erase any flash objects).

Also, if you are using the adl FLASH api, if you change the size or configuration of your flash object store, you MUST erase the flash using at+wopen=3 before restarting your new application … or you WILL have grief!

BTW, it’s a good idea to have a startup delay in your application so you have a chance to send commands to the device. See here: …hilit=startup+delay#p20148 for some more info…

If all else fails, you’re going to have to build a cable to break out the BOOT pin on the HD15 and use DWLWin to erase the flash application.

Follow the instructions here: …hilit=HD15#p25108 to make such a cable, and follow the link afterwards on how to use DWLWin.

ciao, Dave

hi Dave,

Thank you very much for your reply. you gave me the exact solution.