FXT009 connection problem


I’m connected to FXT009 via RS232. I can send AT commands but when I run Developer Studio get errors:

  1. Imposible to detect binaries,
  2. Embedded module: Imposible to detect wcpu type
  3. Version: version of firmware Binary detection failed
  4. Version: version of firmware bootloader detection failed

FXT009 ver.

R7.46.0.201108091301.FXT009 2216044 080911 13:01


OS: WIN7 x64,
RS232 - USB to RS232 bridge ATEN UC232A WIN7 64bit

In attachment i send file with error details.
Can anyone help me to solve the problem??

Best regards
fxt009 error.txt (13 KB)

I suspect that you use Dev Studio v3.x. It does not support modules running 7.4x FW. You need to install dev studio v2.3.2:


Thanks for answer.
It helps for a while, after installation this software i update bootloader via Open AT and firmware to 7.51 via hyperterminal.

R7.51.0.201306260837.FXT009 1713240 062613 08:37

Then i try to update firmware 7.52 but upload stops in a half.
In Open AT soft get errors again.
Now, when i send at+wopen or ATI<> command i get error.
Re-uploading 7.51 firmware does not help.
I have 2 fxt009 modems and both have this issue.

Any solution?

Best regards.


Try looking at my post a few months ago, you may be having the same issue. Uploads would always stop until I did some strange things.


Hi kuoni

it really is very strange, but works… thaks a lot :wink:))