The Task Table becomes empty when changing Memory Type

I use M2M Studio 1.1.1, open AT OS v.21, WIP Plug-in v 5.10 and LUA Plug-in v 1.1.0 for Fastrack Supreme 10.

I created a open AT project based on fastrack_ethernet sample. I got rid in the code from deprected adl_main and wm_apmCustomStackSize, and defined a single task with the help of Code Generation Editor. It worked fine and I got generated.c with properly defined parameters. After that I decided to start using LUA and realized that I have a memory type (in Project Properties| OpenAT Application | Build Settings) set to 256Kb. I’ve changed memory type to 1MB+ , cleaned up/rebuilt my project and upgarded the image on my Fastrack. The task didn’t start at all.
After some time of frustration we realized that the Task Table became empty.

The worst thing that it happened silently (w/o any notifications).

This problem is reproducable on my site.

Reproduced on our side also; logged for fix in the next release.
Thank you for your feedback.

I have also noticed that this happens when changing the version of the WIP plugin (and presumably any other plugin) used by the project.

I guess that this has the same cause (and therefore solution) as when changing the memory type, but I thought I would report it anyway. Better safe than sorry.

Indeed; it is also fixed in 1.1.2
Thanks anyway to have taken time to report it.